Online training for crane operators and riggers in California. Our program supports small and large telescopic hydraulics, lattice boom crawlers, and truck-mounted cranes. With the help and knowledge of our on-call instructors, you will be fully prepared for all state and federal certification exams. The goal of the online crane … Continue reading

California rigging schools offer a rigging instructor course customized for individuals to meet OSHA’s latest standards and regulations. California rigging schools will help in the process of the qualified rigging instructor courses. Qualified Rigging Instructor Course 29 CFR 1926.1401,1404,1419,1425,1428,1430,1431,1441 Our rigging instructor trainers have years of field experience. We will provide an … Continue reading

Qualified Rigging Training Requirements Of Subpart CC All Employers must have qualified rigging training during hoisting activities for assembly and disassembly work (1926.1404(r)(1)). Additionally, qualified riggers are required whenever workers are within the fall zone and hooking, unhooking, or guiding a load, or doing the initial connection of a load … Continue reading